Being Bridget Jones

{April 14, 2010}   The new bar scene?

Helllllo, my apologies for being delinquent in writing some new blog posts, but in awesome news I got a temp job! It can be pretty boring, but I love being able to get out and be productive during the day. Unfortunately, I did have to work 11 hour days for the first three days, hence the lack of blog post. I must say that my whole new diet and exercise regimen was almost derailed by this first week of work. I was working 11 hour days, and with half an hour for lunch, I couldn’t do much more than run to Subway or Vapiano for some awesome pizza. And by the time I got home, don’t even talk to me about wanting to take a jog or do some pilates. Truth be told, I was just being kind of lazy. I was drinking plenty of water and snacking on almonds and pecans, and I even split my pizza up between two days. But, this week I have already planned out my meals, and I am going to have more normal hours to give myself some workout time. So, never fear! More awesome blog posts to come on that!

But, now the time has come for my first post about dating. I have never been great at dating. When I was younger I was just nervous about the whole idea. Hell, I got stood up on my first date! My parents were going to drive us to Skate City when I was in seventh grade. It was traumatizing people! But, I think I have two main “issues” when it comes to dating. And I don’t say that in a judging way to myself, because I don’t think there is one correct way to go about this whole dating thing. My first issue is that I really want to be friends with someone before I date them. As I said in my first post, this was easier when I was meeting new people all the time in school. But, now it has gotten to the point where I am having a hard time meeting new people, even new friends. I have fallen into my routine of hanging out with the same people, people who I love, but clearly at this point I know that I probably won’t be dating any of my long term male friends.  My second issue is that I am….picky? Or do I just have standards? Lets take this one at a time….

First of all, now that I have slowed my meeting of new people in organic, friendship building ways, I have decided to jump into new dating horizons – online dating and the happy hour scene. The happy hour scene is a hard one for me. I am a very social and outgoing person, but the idea that I have this half an hour to meet a person and make a good impression so they want to see me again makes me nervous. It’s like a freakin job interview. It freaks me out. Apparently, according to my roomie, I have also have problem with the follow through. Take for example my last experience getting chatted up at Borders. I was sitting in the back reading books on photography when up walks this nice british guy. BRITISH. He started talking to me about what I was reading, why I was sitting in the back of the store, and general flirting. And then a perfect time came for me to say something like….whats your name? What do you do? Want to get some coffee? But, noooooooo. We just stared at each other in awkward silence until I went back to reading. Next time my friends, I will grab the bull by the horns (or the British man by the tie).

So, I guess my best bet is the online dating. In a way, I can get behind the concept of online dating. First of all, you automatically know someone is there in order to get a date. No time wasted trying to figure out if a person is single, or actually flirting with you. So one hurdle down! Point for you online dating. I get to see a picture of these people, they can tell me what they do, how old they are, and whether they do drugs.  It’s great…. and why is it great? Because I have standards. Everyone thinks they have certain standards when it comes to people they are willing to date. For me, it it totally easy to weed people out from an online profile. You took a picture of yourself looking like a serial killer? No sir, i think not. You smoke? Sorry buddy. You can’t spell? It’s done with. Over 35? I think it’s just a little too much for me. And you are not going to hear from me if u txt lk this, k?  Except maybe that’s not what I should be judging people on. I mean, let’s be honest. The guy I dated last was a 39 year old bartender who texted like a 13 year old. And I had a great time dating him….until I found out he had a girlfriend. Douche. My friend Kara thought she would never date a smoker or someone who couldn’t spell, and she has found years of happiness with her wonderful boyfriend Greg. I don’t want to compromise my standards, but what if the one is hiding out there behind one of the walls I have built up?

Well those are my ramblings thus far. I hope you have been mildly entertained my friends, and as always thank you guys SO much for all the support you have given me since I started this crazy blog!


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