Being Bridget Jones

{April 5, 2010}   The newest billion dollar industry

First of all, sorry for haven’t writing in a few days, but I have been out and about doing new things and having Easter with my family. On another random note – I got a temp job starting tomorrow for the next two months. Hallelujah to having some money coming in…..and while we’re talking about money….

Why the hell is getting healthy so expensive? As I told you in my first post, I was excited to start working out, and aiming towards a goal of running the Army Ten Miler. Well, sadly the Army Ten Miler is now a no go, mainly because of a money issue. When I looked up all the registration information, I was surprised to find out that it cost $55 to register. I know it is a fundraising run, but really $55? Really? Le sigh. I decided I needed to look over my budget and see if I could spare an amount equal to a pretty good grocery trip, or some new summer outfits, all so I could run my tiny legs around the mall. I finally decided that it was worth it to me to have that goal to work towards, but by the time the Army Ten Miler was sold out. I was pretty frustrated, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little relieved about not having to pay the $55. It is not just this registration fee that makes working out expensive. When I first started this, I decided to go the “cheap” route of getting healthy. I always knew that I was going to forsake a gym membership, and I wouldn’t be joining Jenny Craig or anything like that. But, even the “cheap” version adds up. The DVDs I got are about $14 bucks a pop. I decided to take advantage of the tennis courts near my house, and the free help of my friend Chris, but a new tennis racket cost me $30. I need some workout clothes and especially some new sports bras.  I am not a flat chested girl, and a good sports bra is pretty important. Sadly, I only have one. Do you know how much a good sports bra costs these days? Geez. And don’t even get me started on a good pair of workout shoes.

And it’s not just the workout equipment itself. Eating healthy is also pretty expensive. Healthier food is more expensive and takes more time than unhealthy food. There is a reason that fast food is so popular. It’s fast, it’s cheap.

But, do not fear! Recognizing the problem is the first step to fixing it. I will start saving money that I usually spend on going out to eat or out for happy hour into a fitness budget. Not all of it clearly; you will have to take the cheesecake factory from my cold dead hands. But, at least some of it can be reapportioned, just like the priorities in my life!

Next time: Am I too picky when it comes to men? Am I setting my expectations up too high? Does online dating make me discard men that I would normally like in person just because they can’t spell or look sweaty in pictures? These are things to ponder for my next, ever exciting, blog entry.


Alli says:

Ashley – I think you should use your blog to race The registration $ for the 10 miler. I am in for $10! 🙂 – alli

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