Being Bridget Jones

{March 31, 2010}   Feel the Burn

First of all, thank all you guys reading for such a positive response! I have heard alot from my law school friends who agree that it is hard to get social and get in a routine now that we aren’t in school anymore. Obviously, it feels great to know that I am not alone. More importantly, thanks everyone for their awesome comments about my get healthy plan. It is wonderful to hear so much support and I really appreciate it!

Todays post is gonna focus on my new workout/eat healthy plan. I need a better name for it…..the skinny bitch plan? Wait, isn’t that already a copyright? Damn it. Anyway, starting on Monday I accompanied my roommate on a trip to Trader Joes. I never really thought much about TJ, believing it to be high priced and pretentious like some other markets that carry whole foods which shall remain nameless. Turns out, I was wrong. TJ was a great place to get my diet going, for no other reason than the sheer variety of tasty looking healthy foods they have. Apparently, I am going to be on a first name basis with Joe now. Maybe he will be my new relationship. I started thinking about all the foods I generally crave which I then order out…..burgers, mexican, chinese. Thanks to trader joes, I was able to find some organic, fat free chicken gyoza, some cheap but lean hamburger, whole wheat tortillas, low fat cheese…..and I managed to get all of it for much less than I normally do. So, the last two days I have been feasting on hummus, frozen naan, fat free burritos, shredded wheat, nuts, water and canteloupe. Was anyone really aware of the awesomeness of canteloupe? I think not.

Also, mad props to my roomie going shopping with me! Not only was she able to encourage my food choices, but watching her shop and pick out fruits, veggies, lean meat and the like was very inspiring. Did we make perfect purchases? Of course not! But, by and large it was much healthier than is my norm. Plus, she has a vw bug, so we can’t fit an excessive amount of groceries in at one time.

Now……the workouts. The most dreaded part of this whole thing. Its not that I have something against the idea of exercise. I love watching other people workout. The sweating, the grunting, the bouncing along to music. It looks fun. RIght? Right? But, I also know that starting to workout was going to be hard for me. If I wasn’t going to be frequenting the gym, I would need to find a more fun way to workout. Cue my workout DVDS. Yesterday, I started with my carmen electra cardio striptease dvd. Laugh all you want – that shit is crazy. I managed to just get through the warmup yesterday (followed by 10 minutes of pilates burn). Was I aware that I had hips? Vaguely. Did I realize it this morning when I woke up…..why yes, yes I did. It felt good, in a “holy crap, why am I in pain?” kind of way. Also, I think there is something to be said for the psychology of sweat. After only half an hour I was sweating like a whore in church and it made me feel strangely productive. This morning I decided to switch it up and do the stairs in my building as a cardio workout. After going down all 9 and then back up about 5, I wanted to keel over and die right in the stairwell. Note to self: At least you did the stairs! When’s the last time you did that? It was a good reminder that I am not going to start out great at this workout thing, but I need to keep on keepin on!

Next time: Maybe I will get a date? Maybe I won’t? And why the balls does it cost so much to try and get fit??


Sarah S says:

Hey Ashley. Just saw this blog and think it’s great! In response to your very valid concern about working out being expensive, I recently discovered that you can get free/very cheap yoga and pilates podcasts online. Good way to mix things up if you need a break from Carmen :). Good luck!

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